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Needless to say that there are a lot of excellent coffee bean brands available in the USA.
However, each one of us has that brand that they love the most because there is something special about it. 
Of course its coffee needs to meet the taste and quality expectation but there is usually something more :
for example you might have had their coffee in that special coffee shop during your favorite trip;  or you were drinking it when you met a special person in your life; or you love it because it is from the area you grew up.

A cup of espresso is sometimes more than just "having coffee", it is that particular experience that is part of your day, that brings up memories and charges you up with energy and enthusiasm.

For Gaztronomy's founder, Christian, that special brand is Caffe' Cartapani

He moved to California in 2006 from the city of Brescia in northern Italy and - as for most of Italians - his days have always started with an espresso.

He obviously kept this tradition also after moving to America, sometimes going to coffee shops but mostly at home buying coffee beans at grocery stores, from specialty coffee roasters or online.

But every time he was going home for vacation to visit friends and family the coffee experience was different.
It was bringing up memories and emotions.

He concluded that he needed a brand from his hometown also for his espresso in America!

Caffe' Cartapani was by far his favorite brand from Brescia but it was not exported in the United States. 
So he decided that this could have also been a great opportunity to start a new adventure in the import/export business.

When he first met with the Cartapani family he was very impressed by how professional and at the same time friendly they were. The tour of the plant left him speechless : everything was so tidy, well organized and clean. 
Their knowledge about coffee and all the details they were considering to achieve the highest quality along with the big investment they made for the state of the art roasting technology...Everything was so impressive!
The best part was that they agreed to support Christian's project!

Importing food in the US is not that simple and requires some investment of both money and time to be compliant to all the rules and regulation. Christian and Cartapani went through all of the processes together, without cutting any corner.

Now Gaztronomy is very proud to be the only importer of Caffe Cartapani in the United States.

Caffe' Cartapani beans are now available only on Gaztronomy Amazon Store; however Christian is open to consider other options.

If you are a food distributor, a coffee shop or restaurant owner interested in carrying Caffe' Cartapani beans don't hesitate to contact Gaztronomy.


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