Cartapani Cinquestelle
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Cartapani Cinquestelle

Award Winning blend crafted for professional espresso machines

Composed of the best Arabica coffee from selected plantations of Central America, South America and India, with the addition of a small percentage of top quality Robusta coffee to deliver a perfect layer of crema


Medium roast. Slow roasting process. Roasted in Italy with state of the art Italian equipment. Each origin is independently roasted before being mixed together in order to optimize the roasting process for each origin


High quality selected beans deliver consistency of aroma and flavor from bag to bag


2.2 pound (1 kilogram) bag. Whole beans


What a great deal! Smooth Italian boutique coffee available here in the US to make coffee at home at your convenience. It's a new whole experience in the morning to give yourself a full cup wth coffee made with the classic Italian stovetop coffeemaker to start your day.

The moment I opened the bag I just was enchanted. Fragrances were sublime. I then tried it and I was positively surprised by the persistence of the aftertaste, which is really not common and what I look for when I drink a coffee,
Great product! I can't wait to try the other roasts from the same brand

This coffee is strong and dark but is not bitter or acidic. Just how I like it.

Cartapani Espresso Casa

  • Rich and unique strong taste with notes of chocolate. Long lasting after taste. Beautiful layer of crema on your espresso

  • High quality blend of Robusta and Arabica beans originating from plantations in South America and Asia

  • Conveniently sold in 2.2 pound bag. The average amount of coffee for a shot of espresso is about 7 grams, that means that you can make about 140 single espressos with a single bag

  • Medium roast. Slow roasting process. Roasted in Italy with state-of-the-art Italian equipment. Each origin is independently roasted before being mixed together to optimize the roasting process for each origin

  • State-of-the-art roasting process and long-lasting commercial relationship with green beans providers, guarantee that you will experience the same exceptional taste and aroma bag after bag


I absolutely love these coffee beans......for starters they have a very unique intense flavor and a very good long lasting aftertaste .....the taste has some hints of chocolate and licorice And is not acidic ....I’m a non-sugar coffee drinker and these beans are just perfect and not too bitter ...I’ve been using them for my morning espresso and I’m highly
Satisfied and loving the nice crema ...I highly recommended them ...five stars all the way!! I’m super happy I found these delicious beans .....try them you will be in love.....

Very good quality coffee beans roasted to perfection. Espresso shots are smooth with great taste and aftertaste in the palate without any string of acidity or bitterness. Last but not least, great price for the quality and quantity (2.2lb) offered! Overall, I would strongly recommend this coffee.

High quality coffee beans!!!!
This coffee is the perfect fit for my morning espresso. I grind my beans every day and use my “caffettiera” to brew the perfect espresso which comes out with a really nice layer of crema. The coffee has intense flavor (i think there are hints of chocolate in it).
The after taste is very pleasant and last for long time.The beans are medium roasted and not oily at all. Definitely a great find on Amazon.

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