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Cartapani Cinquestelle

italian coffee beans medium roast

"Cinque Stelle" means Five Stars in Italian, emphasizing the high quality of this coffee.  Premium blend crafted with professional machines in mind.

Award Winning Blend - Composed of the best Arabica coffee from selected plantations of Central America, South America and India, with the addition of a small percentage of fine robusta coffee to deliver a perfect layer of crema. 

Medium Roast - This is the perfect roasting level for high quality beans. Many of the unique flavors of the coffee’s origins are preserved and blend with the characteristics of the roasting process. As a result these beans are well balanced and not acidic.

Oil on the surface of the beans starts to show with longer, darker, roasts. Being medium roasted, Cinquestelle espresso beans are dry and not oily.

Origins are independently roasted - this is a crucial factor to get the best out of each different origin. Every type of beans has different characteristics and requires a dedicated roasting curve. Each origin of Cinquestelle are independently roasted to perfection and then blended together.


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Cartapani Espresso Casa

italian coffee beans medium roast

High Quality Beans - High quality blend of Robusta and Arabica beans originating from plantations in South America and Asia.

Great Espresso - Rich and unique strong taste with notes of chocolate. Long lasting after taste. Delivers a beautiful layer of crema on your espresso. Enjoy it as straight shot espresso or as base for your cappuccino. 

Ideal for home - "Casa" means "home" in Italian. Emphasizing that this coffee beans are ideal for your home made espresso. You will get a consistently great shot, with a perfect layer of crema, day after day without too much  effort dialing in your grinder and machine. 

Not oily - Espresso Casa beans are medium roast and hence not oily which means less maintenance to keep the grinder and the pipes clean from sticky oil residues from the beans. 

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Caffè Cartapani

The history of Caffè Cartapani excellence begins in 1951 when brothers Domenico and Mario Cartapani launched their business in the city of Brescia, located in northern Italy. 

Like many of the Italian excellencies that contributed to make the Made in Italy worldwide famous and associated to high quality, Caffè Cartapani focus has always been on delivering best in class roasted coffee beans.

Very tight bonds with green bean suppliers from plantations in Asia , Central and South America guarantee continuity of taste and aroma from bag to bag, year after year. 

Cartapani coffee beans are roasted to perfection with state of the art Italian equipment.
Because each origin has it's own unique characteristics and requires a specific roasting curve,  each origin is roasted independently.

To achieve the perfect level of roasting, Cartapani roasts all the origins slowly so that the heat can gradually and uniformly reach the core of the beans.

It is no coincidence that Caffè Cartapani beans are used in numerous coffee shops in Italy, some of them being very prestigious and renowned.


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