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About Us

Gaztronomy is very proud to be the only importer of Caffè Cartapani coffee beans in the United States.

Gaztronomy is an idea of two brothers, Christian and Fabio Gazzina.

While Fabio still lives in Italy, in the province of Brescia, where the brothers were born, Christian moved to San Diego, California, several years ago. Here he noticed that espresso was becoming more and more popular among Americans.

Except for the big players in the Italian coffee industry and few other Italian brands there wasn't a big selection of high quality espresso beans from Italy.

So the two brothers decided to contact their favorite roaster in their native city - Caffè Cartapani obviously - and proposed them to be their importers in the U.S.A. 

Gaztronomy is now very proud to import and sell the high quality coffee beans roasted by Caffè Cartapani.

Our products are available only on Amazon but we are working on expanding the distribution channel. If you are interested in selling Cartapani coffee beans in your store (either online or brick and mortar) feel free to contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

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