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Cartapani Cinquestelle

Medium roast whole bean coffee imported from Italy

italian coffee beans medium roast

Cartapani Cinquestelle

$32.48 ($0.92 / Ounce) 


Brand: Caffè Cartapani

Item FormRoasted Whole Bean

Roast LevelMedium

Award Winning Blend - Composed of the best Arabica coffee from selected plantations of Central America, South America and India, with the addition of a small percentage of fine robusta coffee to deliver a perfect layer of crema. 

Roasted, Blended & Packed in Italy - in the province of Brescia which extends from the wine region of Franciacorta to the famous Lake Garda.

Medium Roast - This roasting level emphasizes the properties of the green beans, including defects if any. This is why only high quality beans -such as the ones selected by Cartapani - are usually selected for medium roasting. 

Roasting Process - Each origin is independently roasted before being mixed together in order to optimize the roasting process for each origin.

Crisp Taste, Fresh Coffee Beans. I like to switch things up and try new products on Amazon and coffee is always a great way to do so. I had ordered the black Cartapani a while ago and was left pretty satisfied so I thought I would try the blue pack this time. I think the coffee was worth the extra dollars.



Not Sure Yet?

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